Setting Up Jekyll on Github Project Page

How to set up pre-made Jekyll theme to your created Github Project Pages

Like most projects I begin, I immediately faced programming trouble and daunting challenges that made me second-guess my original enthusiasm for coding and for life in general.

But, as I have heard many times, patience is a virtue and one that I am sorely lacking. Not only do I consider programming a learning experience, but also as a way to learn how to instill problem solving techniques and practice self-restraint of letting my frustration and anger get the better of me.

So here is the problem I faced today; setting up a custom domain name for my Github Project Page and setting up a Jekyll theme to go along with it. Sounds easy right? I thought so too, but of course I found almost every wrong avenue to implement this…

Make sure you have your custom domain name

First, create a cname

Go to the FIRST documents and set up the IP address

Choose a theme

make sure jekyll is installed and other gems

Discuss how to actuall FORK a repo

Download to computer and move to the local repo


Change the url of the theme if it has one

Remember, you get ONE github page, everyother ‘page’ you have is actually a sub domain name using /project/ not its own page. Make sure you know this