Time Matters

Life is Short

Training for fencing summer Nationals in Dallas

Before starting this job, I never quite understood why my programmer friends always wanted the latest computer - the faster the better. I also never understood why it was so important to shorten or abbreviate commands such as rails server to rails s. Does typing an extra five characters really matter that much?

This week flew by with impressive speed. This entire week I was either waitressing at the restaurant or sitting in front of a computer, learning or implementing Ruby. And honestly, I feel as if I didn’t have enough time in the day to get everything done that I wanted to get done just at Quottly alone. one minute I wrapped my head around Regular Expressions and the next I notice that two hours have gone by in a blink of an eye! When you sit in front of the computer, working with code, it’s as if you get stuck into a flow, where for you, time stands still; a minute could be a day or a day could be a minute. When time moves so quickly, every second counts. Every minute that you wait for the computer to load the server takes a good ten minutes off of your day depending on how often you load the server. And then add other factors like playing around with ‘byebug’ or writing long strings and methods, every character takes a fraction of a second which adds. By the end of the week, the time that was wasted by a slow computer or taking time to type out an entire command could easily add up to half a day. You know what can be accomplished in half a day? A lot. A lot of learning can be accomplished in half a day.

On the same note, I’ve decided to cut Netflix out of my life along with the Facebook App on my phone. I am considering deleting Snapchat as well. There are so many things that we have in life that are a distraction and that take time away from our ultimate goals. One of my goals is to be able to read Spanish poetry and guaranteed, if I were to take the amount of hours I spent watching “Bones” on Netflix this past year alone and instead had spent it on Spanish poetry lessons - I would be gosh darn fluent by now. And I have to ask myself, what good has re-watching “Bones” been to my life? It has contributed nothing, while Spanish poetry could open the door to so many wondrous and beautiful thoughts.

I feel as if, after graduating, it is incredibly easy to fall into a rut - to go to work, come home exhausted, put on the TV, eat fattening food, and pass out on the couch. I have seen many of my older friends go through this and then two years down the line they are slightly overweight and feeling miserable about their lives. That is not what I plan to do. Three jobs or one job, I am trying to push myself every time I come home to work on something new whether it’s blog posts, applying for scholarships, or furthering my programming knowledge, regardless of how tired I am. Because I know, in two or five or ten years down the line, I am not going to remember the fatigue - instead I am going to be proud of where I have ended up.