The best way to learn about things is to write about them! I wrote a rough draft of a sci-fi novel during the National Novel Writing Month that occurs every Novemer. The plot is about a young girl born into a post-apocolyptic world in which machinary is able to produce all of our basic needs. The lower working class is no longer needed to produce agriculture or products for society causing the wealth gap to drastically widen as the poor are unable to escape the clutches of poverty. To make matters worse, a new race of transcendent humans threaten the survival of the human population as they hope to rid the planet of lesser-beings.

NanoWrimo: Introduction

Check out the introduction to the draft of the novel I wrote for NanoWrimo! Please give me some feedback so I can improve the writing style and write up some more drafts before publishing.

The bulky grey heart monitor recorded the irregular heart beat of a young girl as she laid in a hospital bed. The monitor flickered, creating an eerie glow around the girl that flashed in and out with each beat. The girl in question lay motionless, her brown hair, bunched in matted dreads from dirt and sweat, framed her gaunt face. Her big, almost sinister, grey eyes were fixed on the only other person in the room… Read on →