Upcoming Trip to South America

How I am going to keep track of everything

I am counting down the days until I board my flight to the captial of Peru!! I wrote a small program that will display my statement of purpose, my itinerary, and how many more days I have left until my return flight. Since Archer is one of my favorite TV shows, I often run my programs under the name of Woodhouse and he is incredibly helpful. In this blog post I’ve linked my incredibly simple program to github so you guys can take a look! The beginning was easy. I tried to use a little bit of everything I’ve learned in the first ten chapters of Learn to Code by Chris Pine.

I used my first array:

options = [['Statement of Purpose'],
                  ['Itinerary'           ],
                  ['Days Left '       ]]
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My Arsenal

In about a week I will be taking a one way flight to Lima, Peru armed with nothing more than a daypack and the smallest Dell Chromebook I have ever seen. For the past month before my trip I have been familiarizing myself with the chromebook and with Chris Pine’s Learn to Program (second edition).

Thanks Pine!

The Technology: Dell CRM3120-1667BLK 11.6" Chromebook

This has been my favorite laptop that I have ever used. Granted, I haven’t used more than probably 3 clunky old laptops but I can gaurantee that this is undoubtably my favorite. It’s small, fast, spill proof (incredibly important when it comes to me), and it isn’t loaded down with stupid and unecessary programs. All this for the price $199.99 on Amazon which makes it a steal unless you’re planning to use it for gaming…but I don’t know much about that since I’m all about the Xbox.

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Introduction to the Traveling Code

The beginning of Traveling Code

The Sahara on camelback

Life is full of surprises. Four years ago, if I was told that one day I would be writing a travel blog about coding, I would have laughed. Four years ago I was herding cows in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, living with the Berber people in a tiny village that didn’t have running water, let alone internet or computers. Even up to a couple of months ago I hadn’t the slightest idea of what coding entailed or what Ruby even was…

One night, a good friend of mine started pitching the idea of coding over a couple of beers. It was cold outside and the two tankards of Blue Moon had warmed me up to the idea of learning a computer language. After all, I thought, I am a linguistics student, learning a computer language can’t be all that difficult after my experiences learning languages such as Chinese and Russian. Boy, was I wrong. Read on →

NanoWrimo: Introduction

Check out the introduction to the draft of the novel I wrote for NanoWrimo! Please give me some feedback so I can improve the writing style and write up some more drafts before publishing.

The bulky grey heart monitor recorded the irregular heart beat of a young girl as she laid in a hospital bed. The monitor flickered, creating an eerie glow around the girl that flashed in and out with each beat. The girl in question lay motionless, her brown hair, bunched in matted dreads from dirt and sweat, framed her gaunt face. Her big, almost sinister, grey eyes were fixed on the only other person in the room… Read on →